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Self-Storage Tips

  1. Our insurance WILL NOT cover your possessions. Please make sure your insurance will cover the contents of your unit.
  2. Keep an inventory. Not only will it help you remember what you have stored, it could come in handy if you did need to file an insurance claim.
  3. Use pallets to keep your things off the bare concrete floors. Use sheets, blankets, drop cloths or moving blankets to cover your furniture. DO NOT use plastic sheets or plastic bags. The plastic traps moisture and your items underneath or inside can mildew.
  4. We remove snow from the lot as soon as possible after a snow fall. You are responsible to keep your doorway free of snow and ice. Preventing ice build-up in front of your door will help insure water is not able to run into the unit. Especially during the spring thaw.
  5. We do not have a theft problem, but there is always a first time. Make sure your unit is secure when you leave. We have bright lights and security cameras in place to deter criminals.
  6. WARNING: Do not store any combustibles. (Paint, Paint thinner, gasoline, solvents, explosives, flammable liquids or toxic material) Drain gasoline from engines before storing.
  7. When storing automobiles, motorcycles or riding lawnmowers, place a piece of cardboard under the engine and transmission to prevent damage to the concrete floor.

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